Privacy Notices

NHS App privacy policy: messaging services

The NHS App privacy policy provides details of how we use, and process, any personal information you give us.

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London Care Record

This practice uses a shared record system called the London Care Record.  The London Care Record is a secure view of your health and care information and lets health and care professionals involved in your care see important details about your health when and where they need them. Having a single, secure view of your information helps speed up communication between care professionals across London, improves the safety of care and can save lives.

London Care Record can only be lawfully looked at by staff who are directly involved in your care. Your information isn’t available to anyone who doesn’t need it to provide treatment, care and support to you. Your details are kept safe and won’t be made public, passed on to a third party who is not directly involved in your care, used for advertising or sold. For more information please read the London Care Record privacy notice for South East London here: SEL-ICS-Privacy-Notice-SEL-London-Care-Record-v1.0-updated.pdf (


Opting out of the London Care Record

You have the right to object to your information being available through London Care Record. Although patients have the right to object and request restrictions on sharing their records, there may be instances where this request will not be upheld due to a clinical need as determined by the direct care giver. Please discuss this with your GP/ health and social care worker and you can find further information in this London Care Record leaflet.

For further information and advice about data protection or your right to object to sharing your data you can contact the team at Lewisham and Greenwich Trust who manage the London Care Record for South East London London Care Record | Lewisham and Greenwich or you can call 020 3192 6011 and leave your name and number for someone to contact you.

If you have already requested to stop sharing on ConnectCare/Local Care Record in South East London, then you will not have to request this again for London Care Record.

Please note – If you previously requested your information not be shared in Connect Care this is still honoured in London Care Record. If you prefer your health and care information not to be shared in the London Care Record, please download and complete this form and inform your health and care professional.


ACR project for patients with diabetes (and/or other conditions)

The data is being processed for the purpose of delivery of a programme, sponsored by NHS Digital, to monitor urine for indications of chronic kidney disease (CKD) which is recommended to be undertaken annually for patients at risk of chronic kidney disease e.g., patients living with diabetes.

The programme enables patients to test their kidney function from home. We will share your contact details with to enable them to contact you and send you a test kit. This will help identify patients at risk of kidney disease and help us agree any early interventions that can be put in place for the benefit of your care. will only use your data for the purposes of delivering their service to you. If you do not wish to receive a home test kit from we will continue to manage your care within the Practice. are required to hold data we send them in line with retention periods outlined in the Records Management code of Practice for Health and Social Care.

Further information about this is available at Minuteful Info.pdf ( 

National Obesity Audit: NHS England Transparency Notice

This transparency notice explains for the National Obesity Audit:

  • why we collect information about you (we call this “personal data”)
  • what we do with it, including who we share it with
  • how long we keep it for and where we store it
  • our legal basis for using it
  • what your data protection rights are.

To read more about how NHS England uses personal data to improve health and care, see Transparency Notice: how we use your personal data.